Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Day in Primary

It was a good day in Primary today.
Granted, I did only have 2 munchkins.
That might have had something to do with.
We discussed what our blessings were by building a Blessings Tree.
When we got to "Eternal Family",
Kelsey stated that we have our Family forever.
I replied "That's right! And that's a good thing, right?"
Which she promptly replied with "Yes."
Then she followed it up with "Family is good,
but you don't bite your sisters or punch them."
What else could I say?
"Umm... yes that is a good point. That's not a Blessing."
Yeah, those were my words.
So eloquent, aren't I?
They were so cute!
After our lesson, we went on to make flowers,
each petal having a blessing on it.
I don't know if the concept was too lofty for them, but they had fun.
And the flowers turned out WAY bigger than I expected!
They were ginormous!
Next time, I'll scale them down a bit.
Now hopefully I can keep them as entertained when I have seven munchkins.
There is strength in numbers and they know it.
I can feel it.
I'll just have to bring more Cheezits and Teddy Grahams.
I am not above bribery.

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