Monday, February 8, 2010

Bioshock 2!

It's predecessor is seriously one of the coolest video games I've ever seen.
And I do mean seen, cuz I just sat on the couch
and watched Matt and Dan play it.
As if I could ever play a serious game.
Give me Street Fighter and Rock Band any day.
But I loved watching this game get played.
It had the coolest story and amazing music.
And the graphics were kick-butt!
The sequel comes out today, and I'm excited for it,
but sad cuz I don't have Matt to play it for me.
How am I supposed to know what happens?
I'll buy it if someone will come over and play it for me.
Any takers?

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Busty LaRue said...

OMG Bioshock is awesome! It seriously scared the crap out of us when Mike played (and I watched). He made me play it once and I got too freaked out that I didn't even finish the level! haha

Saw the preview for B2, and it looked pretty awesome.