Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keel's Simple Diary

I recently ordered one of these.
Mine came in sunny yellow.
What first intrigued me about this simple diary was that is was, in fact, simple.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been wanting to keep a diary.
There is something romantic and sweet in
taking a pen to paper and writing down your inner most thoughts.
But unfortunately, I never felt I had important enough inner thoughts.
And I never had the exciting life those pages deserved.
Well, that's how I felt, anyway.
Well, this little book is designed for people exactly like me!
As Mr. Phillip Keel states in this book-

"There are three reasons why most people, although they have tried. won't keep a diary:
  1. Not every day is very eventful
  2. It actually takes a lot of discipline
  3. In retrospect, many find what they have written quite embarrassing

    In all my many tries at keeping a diary,
    I definitely found all three reasons to be true.
    So, with the help of this little book,
    I will be able to accomplish my girlhood dream.
    I'm so excited!

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