Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brain shortage

OK, so my mom bought tickets for her and me
to go to Florida to visit my Aunt in Orlando.
Super exciting!
But then I decided to also take a couple of classes during the Summer.
So like a good and diligent student,
I made sure the dates of my final and midterm did not conflict.
My tests are set for Saturday, August 29.
Perfect, because I leave on the 18th and get back on the 23rd, right?
I requested my time off way in advance
and planned my homework schedule
so I wouldn't have too much to do on my vacay.
Well, on the 17th I awoke at 7 am to check in online.
It wouldn't let me.
"You may not check in more than 24 hrs in advance."
OK, our flight must leave at 7:30 am, so I wait and try again.
"You may not check in more than 24 hrs in advance."
I check my email to look at times and I had the times correct.
But the dates...
now they were another story.
Aug 25th through the 29th.
I am seriously that lame-brained.
I called my mom in a panic, thinking she is on her way to Phoenix.
Can't get a hold of her, so I leave a message.
I decide to bite down and pay the extra $300
to purchase tix leaving on the 18th.
It is my fault, after all, not my mom's.
Well, it turns out my mother had the correct dates all along,
so I paid $300 for nuthin'.
But those dates conflicted with my exams!
So I had to change the flights to leave on Sept 1st
and my poor mother had to talk to her manager about
changing her vacation dates.
I told her to tell the tale of her "special" daughter.
Crikey! How mentally defective am I?
Anyway, it all has worked out:
My brother and his baby are coming along also,
so it will be our first Family Vacation since high school.
I'm still excited.
A little embarrassed, but excited.

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