Monday, June 1, 2009


I loved this movie.
Serious heartfelt love.
It was what a Pixar movie is:
Funny, touching, clever, inspiring...
This is a movie for everyone.
I can't wait for Ann and Sheril to see it!
I wish I could see it with them,
just to see their faces.
Oh, that would make me so happy.
And although Wall-e is still my favorite, this one hit close to my heart.
The beginning is a small montage of his life.
It was just ...beautiful.
The fact that it can invoke such emotion without any words is astounding.
It had me weeping and giggling at the same time.
The rest of the movie was so sparkling!
So whimsical and charming.
You can't help but fall in love with everyone in this movie.
Please, ya'll go see this movie.
Tell me what you think.

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