Friday, January 9, 2009

We've been so patient....

...and now we are being rewarded!!! With great TV!! (hopefully)

This past Tuesday we had

Oh, how we've missed the antics of JD and Turk.

Then this upcoming Sunday we have

Oh Jack Bauer, you are one bad maamajaama!
My Mister got me hooked on this show a couple of years ago when I got sick.
He bought me the 1st season, some juice, and some Zicam,
all I needed to get well.
I devoured that 1st season, and begged Linc to lend me 2, 3, and 4.
I then went on to buy the 5th season from itunes. I was a maniac.
But it was just too good. I had to know all!
And this Sunday it will be returned to me. Oh, but I can just taste it!

And then we will have

later this month!!
Oh, but we have been waiting for this one all year!
What will happen?
I think Jinn is still alive, but that's because I loved his relationship with Sun.
They were the perfect loving couple.
And how are they supposed to get back to the island?
How did Locke die?
Is Hurley really crazy?
And what is Sayid doing for Ben?
And how is Ben?
So many questions!!
Brain Overload!

Like I said, we are excited to get these shows back.
I hope that they help keep My Mister's spirits up.
And distract him when he has to go through stupid chemo.

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Lincoln said...

You forgot to talk about Momma's Boys! And your telenovela that you love but is so stupid!