Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're on a roll!

So My Mister went in for his "triple threat" surgery yesterday at 1:30 pm.
When we got to the Out-Patient Surgical Facility,
they said his heart rate was too high and his glucose levels were high as well.
They just didn't feel comfortable operating on
him and leaving him there with limited staff.
When I heard this, I was about to scream!
We need to get this started!
This surgery is the beginning. Until we get this, we can't go forward!
Luckily, all his doctors were able to reschedule their days. We got him admitted into St. Joe's and got an operating room for 6pm. And in he went.
His parents, Tracy, and I went down to the cafeteria while he was in surgery. It wasn't half bad.
Then we went to the waiting room know....wait.
We were entertained with "American Idol."
Two and a half hours later, he was done. The docs came out and told us everything went great. Because he did have his morphine patch, they had to pump more anesthesia in to
keep him under, but other than that, Great!
They let me see him once he woke up. He looked so good. He was talking and making jokes, he was just so wonderful to see! We got him some water after almost 22 hours of no food or water. We even got him a diet coke! He was so happy!
Next, they took him to his room, and we got him situated.
Then I had to leave.
I hated leaving him, but I had to work the next day.
I felt like crap.
I got into bed and grabbed his pillow.
And that's how I slept.
But I did call him this morning. He ate. He slept. He was feeling a little pain.
But all in all good.
His oncologist is going to get him a small blood transfusion, due to the high blood sugar levels that were caused by his steroid meds. And we have an appointment tomorrow morning at where he will start chemo. The doc said he might as well start now, since we got My Mister's blood work done, a frozen biopsy result, and he is really hydrated, with new blood.
I say "Yes! Let's move forward!"
Let's get the ball rolling!


Allyson & Jere said...

Thank goodness they got him in and all went well. There is nothing worse than waiting, when you're already prepared to get it done. So glad that he appears to be doing well. Thanks for the update, I wondered all day yesterday how he was. We continue to keep you guys in our prayers! By the way, it was so good to see both of you the other night at the reception.

Jami said...

Oh my. This is out of control. I just feel so bad for you guys, but I am glad that things are starting to roll foward.
I keep asking people in the RS in our ward what I can do for you guys, and they dont' ever tell me!!!
So my number is 361-5488...CALL ME if you need anything.
And I am going to track down your address so I can bring you something!