Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I live with the worst, most horrible man in the world!!! I really, really do!!
Ok, so I wrote about how my Mister got me a gift for Xmas, but left the package on the table to tempt me. I was determined to be good. I really was.
So, smiling, I asked him if he had read my blog.
He looked at me. "Open it."
"WHAT!?" I ask.
"Go ahead. Open it"
"Fine. I will." I get up and go to the kitchen all excited, pick up that beguiling box, shake it.
It's really light. But then I look at Matt. He is looking at me with a weird look in his eye.
It is at that moment that I knew.
I looked at that offensive box, felt the tape on the top, turned it over, and there it was.
The evidence of my Mister's loathsomeness.
The tape had been sliced.
It was empty! It had been empty this whole time!!
He was just waiting to see how long it would take me to cave!
Oh, I'm so steamed! I just want to strangle the guy!!
That was so uncool.


The Scorse Gang said...

ha ha ha ha ha that's hilarious....only Matt would be so cruel....actually any wise man would have done the same see, even smart men....are pigs. yes that's right...MEN ARE PIGS!!

Hey It's Di said...

Just for that I think he shouldn't get Christmas presents....or maybe just rocks!

Lincoln said...

HA HA!!! (a la Nelson style from Simpsons). And I agree with the comments already left.