Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look at me!

First dinner, now crafts. Well, what do you know? I can do somethings, after all.
I'm so proud of my pretty fall wreath.
And all under $8.
Woo Hoo!
Now I feel ready for Fall, my favorite time of year.
When the air is cool and inviting, you can light a fire in your living room and snuggle with you Mister, drink some hot chocolate or warm cider, talk about family and wonder what the new year will hold.
I am so grateful for where I am in life. I am married to the smartest, most wonderful man, have a job that I actually look forward to, friends and family that mean the world to me, and faith that all will be right with world one way or another.


Hey It's Di said...

Check you out girl! They may need to hire you to come work at the floral with your artistic skills! That turned out great and so inexpensive:)

Jami said...

I am so impressed! Fall is my favorite too. I have such a hard time not going crazy, with fall decor. I have to remind myself all the time "you have your whole lifetime to collect fall things".