Monday, August 9, 2010

Leelu, my lil' glutton

Leelu seriously INHALES her food.
And Zane is not much better.
20 seconds after the food gets put down, it is all over.
And to top it off,
Leelu makes this weird honking/hacking noise after she finishes.
It really is quite frightening!
Well, this past Saturday, after our puppy training session,
I meandered over to the Martha Stewart section at PetSmart,
looking for her beautiful sky blue treat jar.
It it the perfect complimentary color in my kitchen.
And it's functional, too!
Anyway, I saw that she had some food bowls, also.
I then noticed these funny looking bowls that had Grand Canyon grooves in them.
I picked them up and read the back of the package.
Those little Grand Canyon grooves actually force the pup to slow when eating,
thereby reducing the risk of chocking and bloat.
How brilliant is that!?
it actually works!
As off Saturday evening, Leelu is honk-free!
Madame Stewart is Brilliant!
Now if she could only help me with Leelu's humping of Zane problem...

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griffin&gretchen said...

haha thats hilarious.
i was just wondering when the next liz blog post was gonna come :)