Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am in truly desperate need!!
Look at my hair!!
It is a triangle!
I have TRIANGLE hair!!
As my curly haired sistas know,
Triangle Hair is a common mishap we must face in between hair cuts.
And now you're saying "So get a hair cut!", right?
Well, DUH! (she says with an eye roll)
But as the wonderfully talented Meg,
who just so happens to be my hairstylist as well as niece,
just gave birth to her very own ador-UH-ble nugget
who occupies all her time and attention (she says with a smile )
there really is no end to my plight.
You see, Meg is GREAT!
She knows how to make me look good.
And since she is out of commission for the next couple of weeks,
I foresee ponytails and updo's in my immediate future.

But I will keep strong
and bear this mark of shame
with my head held high.
Which will be a bit difficult,
since it is all this hair that is weighting it down...


Brooke said...

Girly girl! I know that shame only too well! I am a curly fry sista too. Ugh. I hate it! Hats become my best and head bands friend during this period. Or you can do what I do and break out the ol' flat iron.

Mackenzie said...

Liz you're too funny!, I actually did my hair curly yesterday, and ran out the door for errands and when I got back I looked in the mirror and saw triangle hair I was so embarrassed.