Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Puppies are like Toddlers

This is Leelu.
She's cute, huh?
And she's also a Pill!
Last night, I stayed up till 5am
unpacking and cleaning and hanging and arranging and moving...
I just felt like cleaning.
And for me, since I don't feel like it very often,
I decided to go with it.
And boy, did I!
I felt so accomplished!
But that feeling soon faded away when I was rudely awakened
by 2 impatient and hungry pups at 9am.
I sluggishly made it down the stairs in one piece,
let Zane and Leelu out, fed them and kept moving.
I painted some lamps,
unpacked more books,
picked up the dog's poop,
swept the floors,
fixed my TiVo,
and made lists.
By 1pm, I was exhausted!
I made my way upstairs to take a nap.
And because I don't trust the pups with all my unpacked books,
I made them come up with me.
Now, Zane is a doll and he immediately jumps up on the bed
and curls up and closes his eyes.
But Leelu, the Beast, decides to run around all willy-nilly.
I put her on the bed.
5 mins later, she's back on the floor, running rampant.
Back on the bed she goes.
She lays down.
I close my eyes.
The Beast is back on the floor!
This continues a couple more times.
Finally, close to tears,
I hold her up to eye level and explain to her that I need some sleep!!!
Yes, I know, trying to reason with a puppy is plain foolishness.
But I was sooooooo tired!!!
I didn't know what else to do!
But something must have gotten through to her
because she FINALLY settles down.
Thank goodness!
Seriously, having a puppy is like having a 2 yr old.
Or so it seems to me.

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Kate and Clark said...

I swear some of them are spawns of satan.