Friday, August 7, 2009

"You give your cheeks a rosy stain..."

I have a secret love affair with cheek and lip stains.
It really is the best idea, especially living in AZ.
It's just too darn hot to wear anything too heavy here.
I started using Benefit's Benetint in '01.
I loved it, the rosy hint on my lips and cheeks.

And so began my 5 yr long affair.
And then came my real love, Matt.
And he HATED it.
He despised the rose water taste.
So, with a heavy heavy, I bid adieu.
To Benetint, not Matt.
Just to clarify.
That's how much I loved my Boo.
I gave up MAKE UP for him.
Heavy, I know.
But then about 2 yrs ago, we were at the mall,
(See, that's how I know he loved me: he took me shopping)
and I was in my mecca, Sephora.
I came across this little tube of wonder,
Lorac Sheer Wash.
It was perfect.
More rosy than Benetint (which is good for my coloring)
but none of the rose water taste.
Needless to say, Boo loved it too.
Well, now I'm on a budget (or trying to be)
so Lorac is out for a while.
But Target, my other mecca, came through.
CG Outlast lip stain.

Not as versatile as Lorac, but many more colors.
I just have to swipe it on, dab a little aquaphor for moisture and off I go.
Oh, I am such a girly-girl.
When I get a little more $ in my budget, I want to try this Duwop one.

It's definitely on my "I Wanna" list.

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Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I use CG Outlast too. Although, I have to say that it doesn't really outlast much.

Mom used to by these "mood" lipsticks. They were a lovely green tint until you put them on your lips. They stained them red, or hot pink, for lie!