Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All in the name of Science

So I had a lab due for my Environmental Biology class today.
It dealt with seed dispersal.
I had to see how far some seeds in my Biology kit would travel in wind, water and by animal.
Well, the only animal I have access to is Zerk, Lincoln's cat.
The exact instructions were
"Do one other test such as throwing the seed against a furry/hairy animal.
Did it stick? Describe what you did and the results."
So that's what I did.
Or tried to do.
The darn cat wouldn't let me!!
He got all offended that I would even try.
He just looked at me, lazily opening one eye.
Then he just walked away, and I swear he rolled his eyes at me.
What a tool!!
How's that for results?!

1 comment:

Kate and Clark said...

oh zerk! he probably already rolled around in seeds!