Thursday, March 26, 2009


Can't sleep.
Hate not sleeping.
I just lie there.
Pillows surrounding me.
But not sleeping.
Just lying there.


Neil said...

We love you and wish we could make everything better. Only time will.
Aunt Vicki

Hey It's Di said...

Have you tried sleeping pills? They can work wonders for a sleepless night and wandering mind. Thinking of you often and hope that you are doing well. Wish we could see you more!! Love you!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

at a funeral I attended today I learned some realy amazing things about the spirit world. The bishop that was speaking told us that the spirits of the departed are among us all of the time. They area aware of us, watching us, and ministering to us. If the veil were to be removed from our eyes for a minute we would see them as clearly as the living around us, because those spirits are alive.
This particular man who had passed away had been able to convey to this bishop that he was happy. That he was being educated in the laws of the spirit world and was excited about it. He also was concerned about his family. He wanted them to know that he was around, an would be there as a ministering angel.
I already knew this, but the way this bishop explained it it seemed so clear, and comforting.
Matt is alive. He is happy, learning, and serving. He is also concerned about you, very close by, and is there to minister to you.
Love you Liz!

Tracy said...

Not sleeping sucks! "It sucks out loud!" I love you!