Friday, March 13, 2009


Yes! You read the title correctly!! I drove!! By myself!!
And I'm still alive!
OK, so my instructor came to pick me up.
I wasn't sure exactly what to expect.
I get in the car and he says we are going to a parking lot so that he can see how advanced I am.
I could have saved him the trouble: I've never driven. Not with other cars on the street.
Not with stoplights, turns, pedestrians.
Did I mention NOT with other cars!?!?
Anyway, he had me drive around the parking lot, had me make left and right turns.
Then he said it was time for a break.
I said "Heck, yes!" (Well, I thought it, anyway.)
We went to the QT on University and Extension.
Now University around this intersection is pretty busy, especially around 4 pm.
Chris, my admirable instructor, goes to get a drink and writes up some notes, telling me what I need to work on (i.e EVERYTHING!) then proceeds to tell me that I am now going to drive.
By myself!!
He states that I have been doing so good so far and he thinks that I am ready.
After only 1 hour!!
Needless to say, I begin to question his sanity.
So I get behind the wheel and slowly back out.
I get to the sidewalk and realize I have to make a left turn onto University.
I basically had to screw my courage to the sticking place and do it.
So... I did it!
I made a left hand turn onto University!
I then proceeded to drive all the way down to Power, the on to Baseline,
to Lindsay and on Home!
I drove all that way without any mishap!
OK, I confess.
I did make a small mistake right when I was turning onto my street.
I was making a right hand turn; I stepped on the break, turned the wheel, and instead of stepping on the gas, I just stepped harder on the break!!
I pretty much stopped in mid turn!!
Anyway, besides that, I had no mishaps.
I'm pretty excited to do this.
It's my next big step to independence, to empowerment.
It's a little mind blowing.
Watch out World!


Hey It's Di said...

I'm so proud of you Liz!! Doesn't that feel so freeing to be behind the wheel of a vehicle?? I love it!

Just be glad your only mistake involved hitting the break instead of the gas and not the other way around. Now THAT is how accidents happen:)

Keep it up!!

Allyson & Jere said...

Way to go!!! I'm so proud of you!! You will be so happy to have this independence, there is nothing better.

Busty LaRue said...

Way to go! That is awesome!! :D

Kate and Clark said...

you never told me that!!! i would have seriously had you drive us to ocean blue! DANG!