Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve!

I love the Holidays!

I started the 24th with a gift exchange with Nat. ( Yeah, we didn't wait. We just tore into those presents.) Then a little lunch at the Genghis Grill, followed by some last-minute shopping and gift wrapping. Thank you Target for always pleasing me! My Mister and I went to The Williams' for Christmas Eve Shenanigans. It was one of the most amazing feasts I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. We brought the 80's back with Fondue and went a little international with Raclette. There was cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, oil to make tempura, and the raclette grill to, well, grill. There was shrimp, crab, beef, veggies, bread, apples, bananas... I can go on.

Needless to say, we couldn't get up for a few hours.
It was nice to spend it with people we love. We couldn't go down to Yuma or up to Utah since Matt and I had to work, but we still got to be with family, so we were very happy.

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