Monday, December 15, 2008


December 14, 2008 - One year
I love my husband.
He makes me so happy. He is kind, generous, and patient.
I know he loves me so much. He thinks I'm beautiful. And he thinks I'm smart.
He puts up with my tantrums. He always gives me a kiss goodbye.
He surprises me with peachy-o's. He lets me watch my Spanish soap operas with minimal jokes.
He loves my family. He is learning Spanish. He understands me.
He goes to Joann's with me with minimal complaints. He saw "Twilight."
He lets me eat sunflower seeds in bed. I love making him laugh.
He lets me sing loudly, even though I'm off-key.
He watches "Gilmore Girls" with me.
He knows everything! Seriously. Ask him.
He rubs my back. He cuddles with me.
He calls me "Cutes" and "Poops."
(Not too sure how I feel about that last one.)
I love my husband.

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Big Red Cat said...

I love you, Poops!

More than anything in the world!!!!