Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks Stacey! :)

TAG I'M IT!!!!
It's a "PICTURE TAG" and this is how it goes. Go to your pictures and go to the 5th folder. Then open up the 5th picture and post it. Then tag 5 people when you are done.
Have fun!

This is my darling nephew, Axael. He is the light of my life. I love when he laughs because he basically copies our laughter. Matt was in the kitchen and Axael was doing something funny like always, so Matt "Hee-Hee'd". Axael looks at him with big serious brown eyes, then he lets out a little "Hee Hee" exactly the same as Matt, pitch and everything. So we all just burst out laughing and then that got him going also. Oh, that kid always makes me smile.

Ok, so now I tag Lori C, Nat, Kate, Leslie, and Jami P.
Good luck!

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