Thursday, September 18, 2008


Honestly, I'm frightened of being a Mom. Just the thought of someone absolutely depending on you for everything and trusting you to protect them give me heart palpitations. Especially in the world that we live in today.
I always think if I have a little girl, how am I going to protect her from the onslaught of distorted beauty images? I want my little girl to be happy and be a little girl for as long as she can be. I don't want her to think about makeup, shaving, heels, thongs, etc... We see all these images in magazines and television and if I, a grown woman, can have bouts of self loathing, what must these young girls feel?
We are all different. We must accept that. Brown, black, white, straight, curly, freckles, small breasts, big breasts, big nose, wide nose, high forehead, small lips,... we are all beautiful. We need to realize that and love our bodies for what they are. They are the only ones we have and God gave them to us for a reason.
I wish I was skinny, with long legs and a nice badonkadonk, maybe a smaller nose, blue eyes, straight hair... I could go on. But the truth of the matter is we need to love ourselves, flaws and all. Because honestly, most people don't see them as flaws.

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Grandmommy Crum said...

Beautiful Liz, your already answering your own questions! you are preparing to be a wise and wonderful mommy! It all starts at home with our own attitudes! If you show your children that you love yourself and love your body you were blessed with than thats most of the battle right there. Children are sponges they soak in everything we say and do! I remember my mom would walk out of the beauty salon and just strut her stuff, she would say "Look at me I am looking good" I think our children need to see us saying things like that!! You know the importance of raising your kids with great self worth, dont be afraid , it will just come natural to you. One of the greatest ways to have good confident children is to love and adore your husband, and for your husband to love and adore you!! You married a sweetheart, the love will come easy in your home! love ya