Saturday, September 6, 2008

20 simple ways to get happy

To be Happy... it sounds easy, doesn't it?

I like this list from Reader's digest
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Concise and to the point.

1. Practice mindfulness.

2. Laugh out loud.
3. Go to sleep.
4. Hum along.
5. De clutter.
6. Just say no.
7. Make a list.
8. Do one thing at a time.
9. Garden.
10. Tune out the news.
11. Take a dog for a walk.
12. Scent the air.
13. Ignore the stock market.
14. Visit a quiet place.
15. Volunteer.
16. Spend time alone.
17. Walk mindfully.
18. Give priority to close relationships.
19. Take care of the soul.
20. Count your blessings.

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Mimi said...

What a great list! I had no idea you had a blog! How fun!