Thursday, November 4, 2010

Awkward moment

I feel so awkward...
You know when you say something and
even before you finish what you are saying, you think
"What am I DOING!?"
"Why am I saying this?"
"Please stop talking!!"
But of course, your mouth is slow to respond,
so you end up saying what you wished you had never said in the first place.

I was at work and this new co-worker passed by.
(Mind you, I had maybe one conversation with her previous to this)
She's a cute girl, friendly, and so she waved when she saw me.
Me, being the "cool chick" that I am, said
"Hey, Cutie!"
She kinda just gave the "smile".
You know, the one you give to a crazy person, hoping they will leave you alone.
And when she passed by me going back, she kept her gaze down and averted.
I felt so dumb and creepy!
Who says this?

She will probably file a restraining order against me.


Ankita (Gg) said...

Ooh... really embarassing...

.: EXIT NINETY-ONE :. said...

This just made me laugh! I came across your blog when I Google Image Searched for "LUSH Love Lettuce". I'm going to write a blog about it because I just picked up some today :)

khalid's blog said...

wow..amazing words
please visit mine
thank you